This week's Taco Bell Student of the week is...

Jackson Auer
Pope John Elementary

This week's Taco Bell student of the week is Jackson Auer. Jackson is a 2nd grader at Pope John Elementary and is the son of Ronald and Jennifer Auer. Jackson is a hard worker who always does his best. He asks questions and is eager to learn. If he doesn't understand a math concept he wants to have a lesson on it. In STAR math this week he didn't know about decimals or how to add fractions so he wanted to be taught about them so he could do those types of problems the next time. He is an avid reader of both non-fiction and fiction. He likes Harry Potter books but won't watch any fo the movies until he reads the book. If he doesn't know the answer to a question he either asks an adult or goes and finds the answer. He is both a conscientious and a faith filled student. Pope John is very proud of him!