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Today's Headlines


"City hosting event concerning Mulberry Street development"

The Madison America’s Best Communities team is inviting all residents of Madison and especially residents, businesses, and property owners on Mulberry Street to help “re-imagine Mulberry” as part of the 11-month plan to revitalize the Madison community during the “Connecting People to Mulberry: Creative Discovery Tour” on July 26 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Electric Lady.
Jeremy Fojut, Chief Idea Officer of NEWaukee, will present a keynote presentation and facilitate an interactive discussion at 2:00PM, followed by an urban hike of Mulberry at 3:30, a hundred-day planning session at 4:00PM, and a 5:00PM happy hour. NEWaukee is a “social architecture firm” that promotes programs and initiatives that encourage residents of Milwaukee to look critically at their city, realize its potential, and empower residents to create a city they want to enjoy.
The Mulberry Street revitalization was specifically identified in the ABC plan due to its proximity to Hatcher Hill, wide right of way, ability to be a connector to the riverfront, and the diverse array of businesses, residences, and open space that make Mulberry a community asset.


"Big Oaks hosting ice cream social in historic schoolhouse"

Join the Big Oaks Conservation Society and Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge on Monday, August 1 for an old-fashioned Ice Cream Social. The event will take place at the historic Oakdale Schoolhouse beginning at 5:00pm with short walking and van tours of Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge before the serving of homemade ice cream and desserts. At 6:00 p.m., guest speaker Pam Zehren, daughter of a former school teacher at Oakdale School, will do a presentation on the school’s history and her mother’s experience. Oakdale School is a one room stone schoolhouse built in 1869 located on Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge, which is overlaid on the closed Jefferson Proving Grounds. The school will be open for tours and viewing at the event. To attend the event, follow the brown directional signs to the refuge office off of U.S. 421. Additional signs will direct visitors to the schoolhouse, which is located on Paper Mill Road (Morgan Road on the refuge).


"Position open at Jefferson County Jail"

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is currently accepting applications for the position of part-time Jailer for 3rd shift. Applicants must beat least 21 years of age, have no felony convictions, and be able to pass a drug screening. If you are interested you can fill out an application at the Sheriff’s Department. For more information on the open Jailer position, contact Matron Libby Hoffman at 812-265-2648.


Madison Consolidated Schools Registration Information



Alvin Junior Wise, 83

Dakota E. Lutz, 24

Myrtle Ritchie, 106

William A. "Bill" Stuart, 84